Today I want to talk about Arthroplast!

Specifically i want to talk about Knee Arthroplasty. Basically joint replacement.

Now to start out you might not know me. My name is Derek I am a huge gear head, Skater and BMXer. If you know anything about Skating and BMX we like jumping off of stuff. The higher the better. Now as you can imagine I have jumped off of some pretty crazy shit tons of 10 foot plus drops.

Okay that might all sound awesome and everything, but as you can probably imagine i have fallen and I have fallen A LOT and suffered tons and tons of injuries. Wether it has been pedal bites, breaking chains in the middle of pedaling and smashing my knee into the stem, Etc. I have been riding for about 9 years now (wow it’s really been that long?)… Anywho, I want to talk about my most recent injury.

So to set the plot I was Getting ready for the competition. warming up. I have never been to this park before but i really wanted to make an impression on the judges and take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities here. So i was riding Hard.

Lets get to the competition. i was riding the bowl. It was my first run. There is a spine in the middle of the bowl so i popped over that with a tuck no hander. okay that felt good but i landed a little flat and the other side of the bowl is a extension of the bowl and i needed more speed to even get up there… So i pedal. I pedal HARD and i had my new free coaster on. so the slack of the freecoaster went through (on freecoasters you have to pedal a quarter crank before it actually catches)… Well when it finally caught it caught hard and my chain snapped.. I hear it “POP” it was the loudest chain pop i have ever heard. I am on the power stroke of the crank. You know that sweet spot.. where it gives you a ton of speed at the top of your crank.

Well all that power had nowhere to go when my chain snapped I started falling forward since i was cranking so hard. Then i felt it… Crack. my knee smacked the side of the stem, I fell. at this point i was at the top of the bowl. “SMACK” my same knee hit the coping and i fell back into the bowl! I remember thinking to myself… It’s broken I have broken my knee!!! Next thing i know i am on a stretcher. On my way to the hospital.

When i came to and realized where i was. I’m in the hospital. Thinking to myself “Shit. I can’t afford this.” I looked to my right. There is my boy Aaron. I asked him what happened? What just happened I don’t even know how i got here.

Aaron said “you broke your chain on the pedal up and fell back into the bowl!” I don’t remember falling back in though. He said, “When you fell back in we saw you hit your head.”

I guess when i fell i hit my head and blacked out. I reached up and felt the gnarly goose egg sitting on the back of my head. Awesome I thought. Then the doctor came back in. “Oh good, you’re awake. You bumped your head and got a pretty good concussion.” I’ve had concussions before, but i thought i was there for my knee…

Turns out the doctor didn’t notice my knee swollen up like a baseball. He gave me the standard drink moderate water talk wrapped my head up and sent me on my way. I didn’t want him to notice my knee because i didn’t want to pay for it. So i tried to cover up my limp and walked out.

Fast-Forward 3 years I know my knee is really messed up and have been into multiple different rehab centers but nothing ever helped! They all recommended Surgery… Go get surgery. Blah blah blah.

That was the last thing i wanted to do. Fast forward another year. I have the knee of an old man. i can feel the pressure everytime a rainstorm was coming. I remember thinking I wasn’t going to be able to walk anymore…. Finally i started to look into surgery… I googled it did my research found out everything i could about it.

I stumbled upon  It’s a site that explains the procedure. What to do after the surgery. It helped me find and connect with the doctor that actually did the surgery!

So i connected with the surgeon that did the surgery. He told me we would have to do complete reconstructive surgery. He said if i told the doctor the day that it had happened we would have been able to reconnect the tendons that I had torn pretty easily and inexpensively…

I had figured through all of my research that I should have told the doctor about my knee when i was at the hospital. Now i really needed surgery. I haven’t rode my bike in years at this point in time. All i wanted now is to be able to hop on and ride without being in terrible pain. So i got the surgery.

It was a fairly simple surgery they did it with me asleep on the operating table. The surgery took about 5 hours. When i woke up i couldn’t even feel my leg it was all wrapped up and i was informed i had to stay at the hospital for 48 hours. Okay I thought so when can i go get back on my bike? They said no hard labor for two weeks…

I decided to listen to the Doctor this time and waited my two weeks. We went back in for a check up and he said i could return to my day to day life. This meant i could ride again! Yes! We left the Doc’s and I couldn’t wait to get home. It was the longest 30 minute drive of my life. Then we got home.

I immediately hopped on my bike and tested out my new knee! It was amazing! I couldn’t Believe it! I felt like a new man hauling ass around the block pedaling as fast as i could! Finally I felt like a regular person again! No pain nothing!

I was BACK! I still continue riding on my days off now and have learned my lesson about ignoring Doctors recommendations!

Moral of the story! Do Not Ignore medical professionals. They know what they are talking about. This injury has effected me for so long and i wish i had told the doctor the day it happened(It would have saved me a ton of money).

I am a new man!!!

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